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Prayer List

Please remember the following church members when fasting and praying:

Deacon Okie Smith

Mrs. Thelma Kirby (Deacon Kirby's Mother)

Philip Kirby

Wayne Douglas

Brother Gray

Shannon White

Family of Elder Earl Byrd of Maryland

Sister Byrd of Maryland

Molly McDow Frost

Mary Louise Drew

Patricia Chase "Patty" (surgery for Pancreatic Cancer- Nathaniel Byrd's aunt)

Paul Bridges (coma from heart condition- friend of Nathaniel Byrd)

Alvin Newton of Gloucester, VA (Pastor Howard's former employer)

Joaquin Pascual (liver issues)

Dionne Chinn (Sister Davina's friend)

Brother Robert Cox & Sister Ramona Brandes

Family of William Roseboro, Jr.

Lorraine Hernandez

Robertnette Ellis (Sister Tameka's mother)

Alexander A. Smith, Sr. (for Congestive Heart Failure: Sister Kantrese's father)

Alexander A. Smith, Jr. (for Diabetes: Sister Kantrese's brother)

All states and families affected by hurricane Sandy

Family of Arlene Ashby (Brother Kervin's mother)

Sister Mariah Smith

Husband of Laura Waltrip (Terminal Cancer) 

Know Someone Who Needs Prayer?

Feel free to contact us with the individual's name who you would like for us to include on our prayer list.

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