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Friday Q & A

The answers to the questions submitted to Pastor Howard W. Smith, Sr. will be posted here.

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6:09 PM on April 8, 2010

04-02-2010 5:08 pm Questions received for discussion at Friday Night Q&A

Q1: Genesis 1:26 says Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and thebirds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, [b] and over all the creatures that move along the ground." Why does God say "Let US" and "make man in OUR image"? Who was He referring to when He says US and OUR? It appears that it was more than one?

May God Bless You,

You are right, there was more than one there, therefore if you would look at the St. John 1:1-3, it tell us who else was present in the very beginning of the creation of all things, including man.

The image of God and Christ is what we see in each other; the likeness of Godis righteousness (holiness), without being after His likeness, we cannot come in His present. And this is why Christ came and died, that we might be freed from the penalty of sin and shame. Now Philip asked Jesus, to show them theFather, and his response in St. John 14:8&9, was; "he that has seen Mehath see the Father. So we all were made in the image of God and Christ Jesus.Now God made us upright, (Ecclesiastes 7:29) but man have sought out manyinventions. Men have never been satisfied with their looks and because of that, have sought out ways to change their image.

Q2. Many believe that Jesus was the ONLY Perfect person in the Bible. I know I've read that Job & Noah were mentioned as being perfect. So what is the difference between Jesus being perfect and Job & Noah being perfect? How do you explain this to someone who saysJesus was/is the ONLY perfect person and no other man will be perfect until he returns?

What God expects and looks for in us is righteousness; Job stayed away for evil, when others played with evil.Jesus always did the things that was pleasing in the sight of God, and didencourage us to do likewise. St. Mathew 5:48, "Be ye therefore perfect,even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

In explaining perfectness or being perfect to people, we relate the life of us all, in how that when we areborn, we are born to run and no matter how many times we fall, we get rightback up and keep trying. We start off, rolling over in the crib; we get up onour knees, rock back and forward, fall down and get right back up and try it again until we become perfect inbeing up on our knees. The same when it come to walking, we fall but get rightback up and try it again, until be walk without falling; we then become perfectin walking and the next is running, we no doubt fall, but we brush ourselvesoff, and try it again, until we reach the goal, of running perfectly.

Now If you tell a lie every time you open your mouth, you are a perfect liar.Now if you can be a perfect liar, whey can you not be perfect in telling thetruth every time you open your mouth.

Q3. If a spouse mentally, economically, or physically abuses his/her spouse, is that grounds for divorce according to God's Word? And if not, why should any person have to endure those forms of abuse in the marriage?

Thank you for your time.

When you marry, in the vows, itsays, "for better or worst; in sickness and in health; till death do we part. The only grounds for divorce according to God is spoken of by Jesus Christ the Son of God and He makes it very plain in the 19 chapter of St. Matthew and the 8th, and 9th, verse. Now many have all sorts of reason why they should not remain in the marriage, but the only reason that God will say it is to be so, is when a spouse commits the sexual act with another. Marriage is built on trust, and when that happens, trust is destroyed. When trust is destroyed, so is the foundation of marriage. Then when you think of it, Love never does anything to hurt, harm or destroy. Satan is the one who does that. Christ came that we might have life and then we might have it more abundantly. (St. John 10:77-18)

Thank you for your questions and may the Grace Of God be With You,

The Pastor

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