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May God Bless you Dear Ones,
“If you know these things, happy are ye if you do them.” (St. John 13:17)
People there are some who depart from the faith of our fathers and there are some who will hold fast to the teachings as they were delivered unto them. I for one am thankful for those things which I have heard; taught by my parents, who heard the teachings from the Late Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and his Lovely Wife, Sister Mary E. and knowing that the things that God had said in the beginning, still are meant to be followed even today,..... in this present evil world. God does not change. Amen Church??? Amen!!!
Today, the message dealt with the Doctrine of Christ, which is none other than His teachings. The teachings that was not of Him, but of He whom sent Him into the world that men, women, boys and girls, may have a right to the tree of life. THANK GOD FOR JESUS!!!
It is so important for us to remember those that have the rule over us and have spoken unto us the Word of God and then, those who faith follow what they taught. Not as one preacher, who told his congregation, “don’t do as I do, but do as I tell you to do”. He was not a righteous man, but was demanding his followers to be such. Paul said that we are to be followers of him as he followed Christ. Now that is the example, that Christ set down among us. Amen??? Amen.
Now when it comes down to the doctrine of Christ, we must have love for “it” and those who bring “it” to us in spirit and in truth. For God requires such of “US”. Another thing that we need to pay close attention unto is being careful not to be blessing folks who don’t bring “this” doctrine....speaking of “The Doctrine of Christ”. for all that fail to take heed to this will find themselves partakers of the evil deeds done by the unbelievers. (2 John 1:10&11) Can I get an amen???
Now for those of you, who are spreading your eyes at this, please turn with me and let your eyes center in on what Paul says in the 1st Book of Timothy, the 5th chapter and the 22nd reads as follow....."Lay hands suddenly on no man” meaning don’t be to quick in blessing a person, anointing them as righteous people........because the only thing that proves anyone to be holy is.........TIME!!! Amen??? Amen!!!
Now the end of that verse says..."neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.” which goes along with what John had to say about being tagged with the sins of another, by going along.
Listen Dear Ones, do you not know that some folks will follow almost anybody. Look at what happen in heaven.....Satan (the dragon) rose up against God, and the Scriptures says (Rev. 12:7-9) that he (that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan) fought this now....."his angels”. Do you get the point.......where did he get those angels from??? they were with God, but chose to go along with Satan. The same with folks here on earth. Interesting isn’t it??? I’ll say that it is!!! Beware!
Love to you all and please keep us all in prayer as we do run this race to Glory,
The Pastor

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