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2009-11-29 Sermon: Is It Thanks What I'm Giving?

May God Bless Each Of You,


In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


Dear Ones, as we have come through the Day of Thanksgiving, the question came forth in the Sunday's message, Is it thanks that we are giving?


On Thanksgiving Day, we met down on the farm, to give thanks to God for the land that He has blessed us to have and to enjoy. A glorious land, eyed by many, but given to the People of God, through the faithfulness of His Servant, Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux.


The old song that has been sung for years was sung Thanksgiving Day 2009, Faith of Our Fathers Living Still. What the Elder started years ago in coming to the farm, we continue to do so, and that is gathering to give thanks to God for the land. What a blessing!!!


The message on that day centered around the relationship between God and Abraham years ago, and then the relationship between Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and Marion O'Connell Smith, Sr. One was old and childless, yet a covenant (meaning a promise) was made saying, "Unto thy seed have I given this land the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates." Now to the other, Marion O'Connell Smith, Sr., who did not even have a girlfriend at the time, was told that the farm would be, said the Elder Michaux, "for you, your children and for your children's children.


Deacon Marion O'Connell (Okie) Smith Sr., spoke of the time that he first came to the farm for Thanksgiving, which was in 1940; a Brother Lewis, who was farming the land at that time, had left two rolls of corn standing, one for the sister to shuck and the other for the brothers to shuck. Well when they turned them loose to begin, he said, "the sister out shucked the brothers" we all laughed.


He reminded us of the importance of the land, why we had it and why we are here today. He spoke of how those when the Elder would come in, he would gather the people, have them to kneel in prayer, giving thanks to God for the land. He also spoke of the time and how that he wanted it to go back to 12:00 noon, because as the Elder Michaux had said, "it is the hour of prayer". So next year, if the Lord so be willing, we will go back to 12:00 NOON, to begin our service of the day. Amen??? Amen!!!


Dear Ones, as we enter the Holiday Season, we asked that you will please be mindful of others, rather than yourselves, for it a time of giving and God did so for you and I. Amen??? Amen!!!


Love to you all,

The Pastor


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