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2009-12-20 Sermon: The Miracle of Christmas

May God Bless Each Of You,


And a Merry Christmas to all.


Minister Dave, brought forth the message, speaking on the Miracle of Christmas; drawing attention to the greatness of God the Father, who chose a Virgin to bear His Son. Not just a young woman, but a young Virgin; one who had not been touched by man, in ways that we of today know, causes one, naturally to be with child.


We would like to draw attention Dear Ones, to the last page of Sunday's Program, which each week are words of wisdom given unto us, from God, by the Pastor.


We were down visiting with Deacon Okie, who had been hospitalized, but is at home, recovering from surgery. Just before eating his breakfast, he asked if I would read for him Psalms 132:1-18; When finishing, the 12th verse caught my attention because we had been dealing with certain issues within the family.


It is very important Dear Ones, for the generation following the father to keep the covenant and the testimony, taught by God, so that the third generation might be blessed through obedience also and inherit the promises.


Throughout my years of preaching in the Williamsburg James City County Jail House, we often heard the words, "my grandma used to tell me that". Well my question to them was, "what did your parents teach you?" Many Dear Ones, could find nothing that was taught by the parents, so the generation following the father, had fallen by the way side and was left to choose it's own way of doing things; the end of course were places such as the Jail House or even death.


The only way that David's grandchildren were to also sit on the throne of David, would be through their parents being doers of the taught ways of He who gave the "Covenant and Testimony", of what was to be. Amen??? Amen!!!


The Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux, the Founder of The Church Of God, made unto Deacon Marion O'Connell (Okie) Smith, Sr., a Covenant and Testimony of righteousness, and in order for the grandchildren of Deacon Okie to sit on the throne also, the first generation after him must keep the covenant and testimony, as was taught. How are we doing church??? Speaking of my generation, my brothers and sisters, must hold to the things that we had been taught from the very beginning; not deviating to the right nor to the left, but holding forth the teachings as was taught; And in doing so, our obedience will cause the generations following, to inherit the blessing of sitting upon "the seat" of glory, which he (Deacon Okie) sat on, here on earth. What a revelation!!!


Love to you all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year coming, if the Lord so be willing,


The Pastor

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