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2010-01-03 Sermon: My Disciples Indeed

May God Bless Each Of You,


And a good evening to all of you.


It behooves each of us to examine ourselves and see just where we are with Christ. Our relationship; our friendship; our connection; how well are we known of Him; and then are we in harmony with His teachings.


In 2010, we what to turn up the heat, for it is through heat we learn who is real and who is just trying to get by. In turning up the heat we bring things in the pot to a state which will bring forth a cleansing by separating the scum and leaving things clean and purified.


As the Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux taught, we must live a life above sin; not in sin, but a life above sin. Sin is none other than the transgression of the law. In this case we are speaking about the law of God. There is an old song from way back that says, "My Lord is getting us ready for the great day, now tell me who shall be able to stand". For every eye shall see Jesus, but there is going to be none but the pure in heart that is going to see God. How are we doing Church???


Every church today Dear Ones, came forth from the First Church which was built by Jesus Christ Himself. Those that are different became dissatisfied with the Standards of the "First Church", and decided to build their own, and another did likewise, and now we have all sort of churches, designed to fit your every need, desire and wants. But there is only one Church built to condition your soul for eternal life with God, and that is "The Church Of God". Amen??? Amen!!!


Love to you all and we are turning up the heat, in two thousand and ten,


The Pastor

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