The Church Of God At Williamsburg

May God Bless You!

Services & Events

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Church Services

Question & Answer First Friday 7:30 PM
 Purity Club Second Thursday 7:30 PM
 Reading Of The Minutes  
 Bible Study Third, Fourth & Fifth Friday 7:30 PM
 Sunday School Every Sunday 10:00 AM
 Sunday Worship Service Every Sunday 12:00 PM
 Youth Union Fourth Sunday 5:30 PM
 Work Meeting Every Monday 8:00 PM
 Watch Night Every New Year's Eve 11:00 PM
 Ten Days of Fasting And Praying Every January & July 8:00 PM


 Upcoming Events

Ten Days of Fasting and Praying July 11, 2014 through July 20, 20148:00 PM EST
All Night Prayer MeetingJuly 20, 2014 through July 21, 201411:30 PM EST