The Church Of God At Williamsburg

May God Bless You!

Our Church Members

Leaders of the Church 
Founders: Elder Lightfoot Solomon And Sister Mary Eliza Pauline Michaux
Pastor Elder Howard W. Smith, Sr. and First Lady Towana Smith 

Deacons of the Church
Deacon Okie Smith
Deacon Garnett Kirby
Deacon Paul Smith, Sr.
Deacon Keith Smith

Minister of Music
Brother Howard W. Smith, Jr. 

Brothers of the Church 
Brother Anthony Smith
Brother Brian Smith
Brother John Kirby
Brother Jeffrey Smith
Brother Ashton Bell II
Brother John Wallace
Brother Kervin Ashby

Sisters of the Church 
Sister Marcia Kirby
Sister Eloise Woodson
Sister Francine Smith
Sister Kantrese Smith 
Sister Tara Smith
Sister Tameka Smith
Sister Judith Smith
Sister Faith Smith
Sister Joy Ford
Sister Davina Smith
Sister Naiya Fox

Children of the Church
Sister Kezia Smith
Sister Noëlle Smith
Sister Eloisa Rios
Sister Ayana Colon
Sister Carrigan Smith
Brother Brian G. Smith, Jr. (BJ)
Sister Sara Smith
Brother Austin Smith
Sister Brooke Smith